Handmade moodbook,

screen printing + digital print
Paper Superfine Eggshell Ultra White 148g

How well do you know yourself?

Depression is one of the most widespread psychological disease of modern society. It might occur  because of lack of self-understanding and misjudging of what makes one happy. As a consequence, it might lead to deep frustration.


This moodbook is created to help people to understand themself. It includes a 30 day course, during which you observes yourself, your emotions and events around you. 

Every day moodbook will ask you «What do you feel?» not «How do you feel?» in order not to restrict the spectrum of good-bad.


Using an art therapy technique, it will help express yourself without limits and to discover your inner world as much as possible. Pattern that you will find on every page should help you to start.


On the last pages you will find a list of emotions to help you define, which ones you would like to work on.

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