No-End Book

Materials: PCV Pages, Atoma Rings, Atoma Puncher

Size: 188x250 mm

Pages: 60

Bachelor Project // 2019

Rhizome is a philosophical concept created by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari in order to name the resistance of linear structures in time and in thinking. Today this definition is highly related to a modern society, thus society is a field for its development. Concept of rhizome is described as an endless non-hierarchical structure, that can lead to any possible outcome, accessing already existing social institutions or creating new ones (the internet, for instance). In this way rhizome enters the art world, and then pop culture, which enables it to spread widely in the society.


Consequently, rhizome reaches human beings and transforms them into posthumans. A new kind of human perception emerges from this transformation, based on the desire to control and on post-anthropocentric ideas.


According to Deleuze and Guattari, a book is an image of the world. Therefore, I have created No-end Book, which represents an image of the rhizomatic world. Construction of the book enables endless reading, as well as reflects the principle of rhizome — non-linearity. During the design process, has been prepared a solution — construction based on Atoma’s rings binding, which allows pages to rotate endlessly around their own axis. The lack of the cover, pagination and the absence of linear narratives are meant to demonstrate the perception of a human who lives in rhizome. No-end Book, an object situated somewhere between fine arts and graphic design, can serve both as an art work and an illustrated book.

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